Provisional Conclusions

poems about ADHD, grief, and some of life's other little struggles
by Mike Fedel

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A diagnosis of ADHD at age fifty five can make you stop and think. So can losing your daughter to a drunk driver two days after her eighth birthday—or looking up at the majesty of the Big Buddha in Phuket after getting lost in the mountains on the way there.

Spanning a period from high school in the seventies until a few hours before it went to the editor, the poems in Provisional Conclusions explore these topics and more: being a parent, being a man, living with ADHD, the legacy of Howard Thurman, the myth of objectivity, the delight and terror of raising a family, the dreams of Korczak Ziolkowski, and even a quick peek into hell.

In this collection of 54 pieces, poet Mike Fedel offers accessible observations on a wide range of topics, including the raw emotions associated with love, grief, and ADHD. He also considers race, sex, love lost and found, philosophy, consciousness, and God—what is she like, anyway?

Sections include "Thinking Out Loud," "The ADHD Chapter," "Loss," and "Love and Nervous Energy."

"...powerful and poignant poems which capture a father’s experience of losing his 8 year­old daughter..." ­ Irving Leon, Ph.D.

"...the poetry of a brilliant, often misunderstood ADHD mind, trapped in a linear world..." ­ Suzanne Ostrowski­Dansel, M.Ed., ACC

"...fresh, moving poems by Mike Fedel, an important new voice in music and now in poetry..." ­ Anna Boothe, Author of "I Already Love You," "Beyond Words," and "Buddha."