Provisional Conclusions

poems about ADHD, grief, and some of life's other little struggles
by Mike Fedel

Mike's Blog
Ann Arbor Poets Online
Mike Fedel is a performer, musician, and educator who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Mike was born in Detroit and grew up in Dearborn Heights, Mich. After spending 1980-1994 in the East Bay near Oakland, CA, his family moved to Ann Arbor, Mi where he and his wife Jean live with their surviving daughter, Lisa.

While working primarily as a software developer and trainer, he's also taught Philosophy and Religious Studies at the college level, performed and recorded with bands in the Bay Area and in Michigan, pursued painting and printmaking, and created a shelf full of bottles with curious seed-bead designs. Most recently, he's been involved with Playback Theatre and Improvisation.

He credits ADHD for providing the energy and curiosity to keep him going. He blames it for a lot of things you'll have to ask him about one-on-one.