Provisional Conclusions

poems about ADHD, grief, and some of life's other little struggles
by Mike Fedel


The books I read
the ADD books
talk about
blurting and
losing things and
being impulsive and
taking risks and
appearing not to listen.

What they dont talk about are
the nights I got up
the nights I get up
after everyone is asleep
and take out the glue and tape
and the box where I keep
all the jagged little pieces
of your life before me.

Of what you wanted to be and
what you might have been and
what you should have been
I try to put them back together.

I feel like a kid
whos locked himself in the basement
and is trying to fix the lamp he broke
before mom and dad get home.
The work always goes badly.

Im not even sure that I have all the pieces.
I chipped them away slowly over the years.
I saved the ones I could find,
but Im scared that I dont have them all.

And even the ones I have,

I really dont know what to do with.